I work as a integration specialist for a large educational institution in the Netherlands. I really enjoy automating tasks and over the course of time I’ve created several scripts to support this. A repository of scripts and patterns I have created over the course of time can be found here.

I am married to Anita and a father of two (Amy and Noah). Anita works freelance as a photographer. Amy loves Netflix, sleeping and chatting with friends. Noah loves football and hanging out with friends.

A part of my free time I spend making and creating music. I’m a drummer, but I also love to play some guitar, bass and piano. I’ve uploaded recordings to my SoundCloud and YouTube pages. You can also check them out directly using the embedded players available on this site.

30 Degrees (VIDEO) – Performed by Tim van Kooten Niekerk
Music by Tim van Kooten Niekerk – Creative Commons Attribution license

I love to learn and discover new things and still practice almost every day. Maybe even more now than I did when I started playing drums. I try to be a little better every day than I was the day before.